About Sara Gopin

My name is Sara (First) Gopin, and I live in Rechovot, which is a city in Israel. I am a mother of eight children, and a grandmother of several young grandchildren. I grew up in a religious home in Riverdale (New York), and my formal academic education focused on receiving a master’s degree in psychology.

A few years ago I felt an intense internal desire to express my spirituality through artistic creativity. As I would hear phrases from the Torah (Bible) I began to visualize them in the context of colorful pictures that would enhance their meaning. For example, I lit the candles and said a prayer with the sentence, “Though I sit in the darkness G-d is my light” (Micha 7:8). At that moment I saw a vision of my next painting, which was of Moses being rescued from drowning in the Nile river.

I sincerely hope that my gallery will serve as an inspiration to all of those people who are gifted with creativity and artistic talent to express themselves, thereby enhancing the inherent beauty and goodness of the world.

The high quality copies of my paintings are all framed in a white (plastic) frame with gold trimming. All of the rectangular pictures are approximately twelve inches wide and nine inches high (or vica versa). The square paintings are approximately “ten by ten” inches.

I may be contacted through my email: saragopinart@gmail.com.

May G-d bless you.

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  1. Sara, I think your pictures are amazing, like you, so deep, special
    and colourful.
    You should go from chayil to chayil my friend with lots of hatzlocha and siyatta deshmaya.
    With love,
    You’re a beautiful neshama.

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