(24) And his soul is attached to his soul – ונפשו קשורה בנפשו

VNafsho Keshura BNafsho

“And his soul is attached to his soul.” (Breishit 44:30)

This painting is dedicated to my in law Rabbi Yishayahu Krishevsky, who was brutally murdered in a terrorist attack on the 30th of Tishrei 5776. His tallis and tefillin were still in his hands as he was butchered mercilessly nearby to his home in Jerusalem. May Hashem avenge his (pure) blood.

I chose this saying from the Biblical passage of Vayigash. When Yosef demanded that his brothers bring Binyomin to him in Egypt, Yehuda adamantly opposed to the idea of separating him from his aging father Yaakov. The three words in this painting were used by Yehuda to express the deep connection between father and son, Yaakov and Binyamin. The heart that is carried represents the inseparable eternal bond between parent and all of those loved ones that they suddenly must leave behind.

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